Don’t Judge Greek Life by its Cover

Whenever someone hears the word sorority or fraternity they instantly think it’s bad news. They think that it is simply just a social organization that people are involved in in college. I don’t blame people for thinking that though because websites like Total Frat Move and Total Sorority Move give Greek life a bad name. They post inappropriate pictures and shed light on only the social aspects of being in a fraternity or sorority.


While I do understand why people formulate certain opinions and biases about Greek life, I don’t understand why they don’t give anyone a chance to explain what it is actually about. Being in a sorority or fraternity is so much more than a social organization. Philanthropy, brotherhood/sisterhood, life long relationships, networking opportunities and more come from being involved in Greek life. Here are some great statistics of what being in a fraternity/sorority has done for people.

Each fraternity and sorority have a specific cause they raise money for. For example, Delta Tau Delta hosts philanthropy events to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital, Sigma Chi raises money for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, Kappa Kappa Gamma raises money for Reading is Fundamental, etc. Sororities and fraternities raise thousands of dollars for so many charities nation wide. Joining Greek life, students can learn the importance of giving back and join such a great community.
One of the best things about joining a brotherhood or sisterhood is the life long relationships you get out of them. It sounds cliché, but being in a sorority I have met some of my best friends. Below is a video of my sorority and it truly shows the bond that joining a sorority has given us.


You will always have someone there for you when you’re down, or want a late night food run or are crying because of boys. Within the first couple of weeks of joining my sorority, a girl in my house lost her dad. I noticed people starting to change their pictures on Facebook to this:



While it was a small gesture, the girl said that it impacted her tremendously knowing her sisters were there for her. We sent flowers to her and her family and many girls attended to funeral to support her. Being a part of a sisterhood or brotherhood gives you a second family and endless love and friendship.

Whether this post changed your mind about Greek life or not, I hope it opened up your mind a bit to seeing all that it has to offer.Greek-Life







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